Issue Importing Bullets from Power Point

We are trying to import a power point into Storyline 360.  Our bullet points appear to be going haywire.  One a number of slides there is a vary large space between the bullet and the beginning of the text.  We tried adjusting formating wtihin the text box but nothing appears to resolve the issue.  It is significant enough that the first text line of nearly every bullet is not visible within the slide. 

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Katie Riggio

Appreciate you sharing your PowerPoint file with us, Kaylen!

Ah, I see the same problem you described after importing the file into Storyline 360. Here's a quick Peek of my testing. While there can be some expected differences between the two files, I don't see anything in the PowerPoint that would cause this mismatch.

I'd like to get extra eyes on this and have enlisted the help of our Support Engineers. Someone from the team will be in touch shortly with some next steps, and I'll follow the case along. Thanks again for reaching out!

Katie Riggio

Oh no! So sorry you both have hit a similar roadblock, Christos and Jo. We can help!

Looking at Kaylen's case, my teammate, Renz, found that the particular file had bullet points, Arial (Body) font, and Justified Alignment which imported in as Arial (Headings) with extra spacing.

Changing the Justified Alignment to the Left–by selecting Align Text Left (Ctrl+L)–should do the trick. Check out this quick Peek for a visual guide!

If you still hit a snag after this step, be sure to let us know. We'll give your PowerPoint files a test, too, and let you know what we find!