Issue in randomization of questions in groups

I have a problem with randomizing questions.

I was recently asked to develop a course containing 3 groups of questions - Group A, Group B and Group C.

Group A contains Question A1, Question A2 and Question A3.
Group B contains Question B1, Question B2 and Question B3.
Group C contains Question C1, Question C2 and Question C3.

The learner needs to answer 3 questions, each drawn randomly from each group, say A1, B2 and C1, in the final quiz. If he tries to attempt the quiz for the second time, the questions which were asked previously (in this case A1, B2 and C1) should not be repeated. In other words, next set of questions should be A2 or A3 from Group A, B1 or B3 from Group B, and C2 or C3 from Group C. In the third attempt, the questions asked in the second attempt should not be asked. So, if the questions A3, B1 and C2 have been asked in the second try, then the learner should be asked questions A2, B3 and C3 need to be asked in the third.

Has anyone faced a similar problem?


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Rich Cordrey


I thought about this for a bit this morning, and there's only one solution I could come up with. Unfortunately, it seems like it may require even more isolation/grouping of questions than the three you've got as an example, but it may get the job done if there are no other options.

Instead of having A,B,C question banks, you'd need to have a question bank that pulls across each. So:

  • QB1
    • A1, B1, C1
  • QB2
    • A2, B2, C2
  • QB3
    • A3, B3, C3

Then, set a variable to increase upon quiz failure/retry to determine a different Retry button behavior (After 1, it would send them to the QB2 quiz, after 2, send them to the QB3 quiz).

You'd likely have to create an intermediate slide to mark actual successful completion that would trigger only upon a passing quiz, and that's what you would report through to your LMS, rather than the actual quiz result slide(s).

I don't like this particular solution because you lose true randomization of questions, but if there's no other option and it has to be structured this way, sacrifices may be necessary.

I'd love to hear if someone has a more elegant way of getting this done, as I can see where it would be helpful!