Issue loading SWF SL file into Dreamweaver HTML

May 21, 2012


I created a Storyline interaction, published the web, and then tried to put the .swf output file into a Dreamweaver HTML page (the same process I followed with Studio '09 to add quizzes to Dreamweaver  HTML).

I'm getting some errors. First I get a "Content on this page requires a new version of Adobe Flash Player." With an option to download "Active X controls" on top of page. I do that, and get the error attached - saying the file can't access the story_content/data.swf file.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?


Laura Takach

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rob,

It looks like Laura's case was closed and the final email from Jayem is included below for you: 

If you publish your content for Web or LMS, but you view the content directly from your local drive or a network drive, this may cause the ActiveX pop-up and other unexpected behaviors. This is due to web browser and Flash Player security restrictions. To accurately test your published output, you can try the following methods: 

1. Publish for CD. If you simply want to test the functionality of your content offline you should publish for CD and select View Presentation at the end of the publishing wizard. If you plan on distributing the content offline then you should also publish for CD. If someone else needs to view the content they should do so by double clicking the EXE file. 

2. View the content in the environment it will be hosted in. To truly test the functionality of your content we recommend testing the content in the environment it will be in when it is live. So if you are publishing for LMS, test the content in your LMS. If you are publishing for the Web, test the content on a web server via a valid HTTP address. 

Regarding your other concern, unfortunately, the workaround we provided for embedding Storyline projects to HTML is provided as is. ( I believe the workaround Jayem is referring to is this one he mentioned in an earlier email) I suggest consulting our community forums for further information on this.

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