Issue of free form quiz text being highlighted when mouse over

Hi all

I inserted a square shape into the Pick One freeform quiz. Then I added text (few words) into the shape and defined the shape as the correct answer. Everything seem to work fine except when I move the mouse over the square shape, the text in the shape is highlighted. I notice this issue does not occur when I have only one word in the shape. However when there are more than one word, all text except for he first letter are highlighted when mouse over the shape. Has anyone experienced the same issue? Any suggestions of how to solve it?



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Yang Yang

Hi Wendy, thanks for the help. I think I may have found the answer.  I copied the pasted the text from another file and there maybe some funny character within the text that caused the issue. When I typed the text into the shapes or paste the text to the notepad first and then pasted into AS, everything works fine.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Yang for the update - and I'm happy to hear everything is back to normal. If you see it in the future, you'll definitely want to look into remove the text formatting elements and ensure that it's not set to be a hyperlink - which is a reason I've seen before for unintended highlighting of some text.