Issue Publishing and saving as a zip vs. zipx file for the LMS

I'm in the process as the first Storyline user for our company, in validating Storyline for our LMS before others get it.  Our LMS requires zip format, not zipx.  The default for Storyline and Windows 7 (we use W7)  is zipx, when I try and save as a zip file, the file saves as "checked out" to me. There is no option to check it in, and our LMS admins cannot work with it to upload for testing. I've tried repeatedly but if it's zip not a zipx it always saves as checked out to me when I move it to the admins sharepoint. Anybody else run into this? Never had this issue in any other eLearning tool previously, and I'm stuck. I'm going to check in with our IT as well, but want to know if it's an Articulate setting/issue.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Elizabeth,

Let me know if you hear anything back from your IT team - I'm curious to see what they say.

I personally have never seen nor used a ZIPX file, so I'm not sure why you're seeing that format. Whenever I've used the zip feature, or manually zipped, it's formatted as ZIP. 

I know sometimes I see files coming over with Windows 8 that are in strange formats, but usually renaming the extension to .zip solves the problem for me. 

Even if the zip file is "checked out" - not entirely sure what you're describing there - are you able to upload it to the LMS? Maybe you're referring to the FTP or upload system that's not allowing you to select the file?

Just did a little research. It looks like the ZIPX file is created by WinZip.  

Take a look:

Whatis a Zipx File? - WinZip Computing :: Knowledgebase

You might want to pass that information on to your IT team and see if there's an option within that program to disable that format, or see if that's causing an issue with uploading the normal zip format.

Let me know how it goes! :)

Elizabeth Delgado

Hi Christine, thanks for the reply, we have always used winzip, and that won't change, the new Winzip 12.0 defaults to zipx but I have been able to save as a legacy zip file, as it turns out the rest is a SharePoint issue as we are moving to newer version there too, I have a workaround and I,m happy to say  my first Storyline  test courses are now functioning and  validated with our LMS!