Issue reporting to LMS when course has multiple possible assessments


I have created a course which has two possible branches for learners to go down, and as such has two possible assessments to sit at the end of the course. I cannot seem to find a way to get the course to accurately report to the LMS with pass/fail and include the score achieved.

I have tried all sorts of things but to no avail. The solution i have had to settle for is to create a button embedded in the 'success' layer of each quiz branch which has a couple of triggers attached to it. Firstly a trigger to send the results of that slide to the LMS, and secondly to exit the course. On the publishing options i have selected to report completion based on slides visited rather than from a results slide. This reports pass/fail, but will not accurately report scores. 

Any other solution i attempted encountered different problems with factoring in scored from the branch of other assessment which was throwing scored out badly.

It would be ideal if when publishing, rather than having to select one results slide to report from, you could select multiple possible slides.


I hope this makes sense, and would welcome any feedback. I am fairly new to Storyline2.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Alex -- Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Are you able to upload and test your published output in the SCORM Cloud? Also, you may want to check out these articles on troubleshooting LMS issues:

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Troubleshooting LMS Issues

Hope that helps, and if not, please let us know and we'll dig a little deeper! :)