Issue running a course on a Mac tablet

Apr 10, 2016


We've never had a client report any issue running any of our courses from our website until now. Our courses are developed in Storyline 2, published to HTML5 format, then FTP'd to a protected directory on our website.

One client trying to run a course on a Mac tablet just reported: "I've followed the URL to the course, and logged in, and it told me to download an app. I have done that but it now just keeps telling me to download the app. I go to the app and it tells me I have no content. Am I missing a step somewhere?"

As I know nothing about Macs, I can't even begin to provide any advice to this client.

Has anyone had any experience running (not developing) courses on Mac tablets? Is there anything special that needs to be done on a Mac tablet to run a course created in Storyline 2? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Geoff -- Thanks so much for reaching out, and in addition to the awesome links and advice you have already received, I wanted to share the following (as you mentioned a repeated prompt to download the app): Articulate Storyline 2 Content Won't Launch in the Articulate Mobile Player on iOS 9 Devices.

And here also is our SL2 System Requirements sheet, just so you have it handy. Please let us know if issues persist and we'll see what more we can do! 

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