Issue when creating screen captures on a secondary monitor

Has anyone experienced this? Screen capture videos from a second monitor on my laptop are offset by a large margin from the area selected prior to starting the capture. I experience this even when I use screen mirroring on the laptop. The capture area is only accurate when capturing from the laptop's screen with external monitors disabled. 

Win 8.1
HP Spectre x360
Storyline 2 update 5

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Ben Boozer

Thanks, it appears this issue was related to scaling (high resolution display). Once I set it to the settings for Storyline, it records correctly. Interestingly, these are not the default settings for the laptop. Guess this will be an ongoing issue with very high resolution but small displays until something can be done in Storyline.


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for chiming in and sharing a screen capture, Philip. From your previous post, it looks like you're using Storyline 3.

We show that this alignment issue happens when two things happen:

  • Multiple-monitors are in use during the screen capture
  • One or both of the monitors are set to a DPI other than 100%

Does this match what you are experiencing as well?