Issue with an icon having a trigger I can't find.

Hope you can help me.  On the P-P layer a "money bags" icon flies in, along with several others.  I inserted the icons exactly the same way: Insert > Icons (from the Content Library). None of these icons are supposed to have any triggers associated with them, yet the money bags icon shows it is linked to another layer (cursor changes when hovered over it), and it does take you to the IB&PE layer when clicked.  I can't find why this happens; it only has one state (normal) and I didn't add any triggers to make it do that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  My deadline for this project is Friday.

Thanks in advance.  

Built in Storyline 360 with the Serenity template.


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Tom Kuhlmann

The feedback master is messed up, not sure why. For some reason your layer is not using the feedback master. My guess is something was edited and maybe deleted somewhere in the process.

  • Select the layers and then apply the blank feedback master for the template. That should fix it.
  • A side effect is that now the base layer content is showing through the layer. 
  • In the layer properties you can set it to not show base layer objects.

See if that helps.