Issue with Articulate drag-and-drop quiz question's behavior in our LMS

Oct 11, 2016

Hello, All,

I have a drag-and-drop question in an Articulate Storyline2 course. We are giving the learner's 2 tries for all quiz questions, so I've programmed this drag-and-drop question to reset if they get the answer incorrect the first time. This works perfectly in Articulate, but does not work in my LMS. In the LMS, the learner only gets 1 try before they are given the correct answer. I have another drag-and-drop question in this same quiz that works perfectly in both Articulate and in our LMS and these 2 questions are programmed exactly the same. I've had this fact verified by two of my colleagues.  Does anyone have any suggestions??

Thanks so much for your help!


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