Issue with audio files

As I am finalizing a course that I created in Storyline 360. I recorded and properly aligned each audio file to each slide. When I preview, the audio plays. When I publish, the audio does not play. None of the audio files are locked on the timeline, triggers to play the media exist for each slide. Stumped as to why it will only play if I publish as an MP4 but no other publish option. Any ideas? Thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Cindy!

I'd love to help! It sounds like there might be triggers stopping the audio from playing automatically. I'd like to take a look at the file so I can provide more details! 

Would you mind either attaching the file to this discussion or sharing it privately by using this link? I'll take a look and share my findings with you!

Cindy Katz

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your offer. I sent you the file just now. I was in process of trying to isolate if a single audio file was causing an issue. So many of the triggers may not point to a specified audio file in the story file I just sent.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,