Issue with audio track on layers

I have an audio track on several layers. I have the layer set to "resume saved state." The issue is that when one navigates away from the layer and then back to it, the audio track DOES resume where it left off, but it ALSO starts all over again. It sounds like two tracks are playing at the same time - pretty annoying. How do I prevent the track from restarting?

Thank you!

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Jennifer Rowe

No, it's not the same clip. I edited one clip to play across several layers. Base layer is like 0 - 30 seconds. Layer 1 is like 31 - 92 seconds. Layer 2 is the same as layer 1 I think. 

It doesn't happen during the preview, only when published in HTML 5 and tested using my computer as a server. 

I created and attached an excerpt but I don't know if you can replicate the issue without publishing to HTML5 and viewing it online. 




Alyssa Gomez

Hello Jennifer!

Thank you for sharing your file here in the thread. I published your file to Web with HTML5, and I don't hear the audio track on the December layer playing over itself. Here are the steps I used to test your file:

  1. On base layer, click December calendar.
  2. On December layer, click "See what's up in January"
  3. On January layer, click "Back to December". The audio plays as expected when revisiting the December layer.

Here is the published HTML5 output if you would like to test it on your end. Please let me know if there is something I missed in the testing steps!