Issue with buttons showing text, and next button not appearing after a trigger was set up

Hi everyone, in the attached 360 file slide 1.4 I took this from an available download someone offered on an accordion slide.  I have kept all the triggers the origianl creator created with the pausing and resuming timeline but I will be honest I do not 100% understand it all.  So I am wondering if my issues are because I am not understanding the pauses.

1st issue in this slide.  I set a trigger to hide the next button when timeline starts and this works.  I set the trigger to set next button to normal when Tab 4 is clicked but it doesn;t appear, but you see on a previous slide I did get it to work.

My bigger issue is with Tab 2 - I added the buttons and the text that appears when they are clicked.  I had it all working until I created the consistent training button and now it doesn't work.  I also know I need to do something else but can't get my brain to figure it out.  Each text is set to hidden at the start and when I was clicking the buttons in order top left to right down each text would appear.  But it stopped working after I added the last button.  But my other issue is I know I need to do something so they can click them in any order and it will work, which right now the top text in the timeline will sit over top of the rest.

Would love some advice.  Again I am using a template that was offered so not sure of the pauses and what not.

And I guess while I have the experts does anyone know what I need to do to speed up the movement of Tab2 opening after I click it.  I find it is a second or so too long.

Thanks in advance


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Diane Fallier

When I preview slide 1.5, the next button appears OK when I click tab 4.

The reason you're having trouble with your text when you click the buttons in random order is because all your text is in the same location. For each button, you need to hide all other text to ensure that you can see the text you want.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Diane, hiding each of the text objects worked so that isfunctioning properly now. I ended up re-creating this slide with some slight differences as I found the accordion slides back and forth too slow and I was struggling with how to fix it as I didn't fully understand the paused and resumed timelines which I'm sure what is making it work. When I redid it I can now get the next but to work within the original slide I still could not get it to show. Thank you for your help.