Issue with disabled states

Hi storyliners.

I'm having an issue with some buttons in the Storyline 360 (v3.20.16814.0). I'm using PNGs as bespoke navigation. The Next button is set on the Disabled state by default, with a trigger to change it to Normal when a variable changes.

On some slides I'm finding that the Next button operates as it would in the Disabled state (i.e. the triggers don't operate on click and it doesn't go to the hover state on rollover), but it displays the Normal state. This happens in preview or with a published course.

I have the navigation on its own layer to allow popups to appear below. The whole course is implemented the same way, but strangely the issue only happens on certain slides.  This issue doesn't occur when:

  • The trigger for the navigation layer occurs on a different popup layer
  • The button is on the base layer
  • The PNG is replaced with a shape (i.e. rectangle) in the same style. This isn't an ideal solution though, as it would require replacing the navigation on every slide of quite a large course.

Has anybody else encountered this issue, or anything similar (i.e. disabled buttons present as normal)? I think I can remedy the affected slides by moving the navigation to the base layer, but I've got quite a lot of mods to the Beta version so it would be great if there was a software solution.

Thanks for reading!

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Ronnie Wilson-Miller

Hi Alyssa

Sorry for the slow reply, I was on annual leave at the end of last week. I've created an edited version of the course I've been developing.

If you look at the first slide the "Next" button should display in its correct Disabled state on first launch. You should see the error occurring on the second and third slides.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ronnie,

It looks like you also worked with Rona on this and she confirmed the following:

I was able to replicate the issue on a new file using a different image as a custom button. 

It seems that the issue is happening if you use transparency on the Disabled state while the other built-in state of the object has their own custom design and is placed on a slide layer. It is also happening with the HTML5 output only. Flash output is working fine. 

To better understand, I attached my sample file here, so you could check on your end. 

As a workaround, you may want to avoid using transparency with the Disabled State of your custom button. 

We'll keep you posted here and as a part of your case with any updates on this!

Ronnie Wilson-Miller

Hi Wendy

If you look at the Peek video at around 0:19 you can see the issue occurring - the Next button on the hot graphic template appears solid, rather than faded as it should on the disabled state. When you select the first hotspot it switches to the correct Disabled state. This occurs again at around 0:29 when you move to the third page.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ronnie,

Good news! We fixed the issue you reported where there were issues with how the transparency of objects were not working correctly when using the built-in disabled state on a slide layer. 

Install the latest Storyline 360 update to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes. Here's how.

If the problem happens again, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help!