Issue with Drag and Drop Freeform Answers not Resetting to Initial State on a revisit

I have added four quizzes in my presentation. Three drag and drop and one multiple choice quiz. I am having issues with the drag and drop quizzes in the third scene of my presentation.  I have adjusted the slide properties of the quiz to reset to initial visit, however on testing the quiz, the answers do not reset. Can anyone offer some advice please?  I have attached the presentation.

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Lejan Ocampo

Hi Robert,

I hope all is well. I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the initial state when revisiting the slide.

Thank you for sharing the story file. After looking at it, I managed to figure out what is causing it to not reset to the initial state. It shows that this option on the screenshot below is enabled which appears to be preventing the reset to initial state when revisiting from being triggered. After disabling it, everything works. Kindly give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Just to note, you'll notice an incorrect/correct message at the bottom after revisiting which is triggered by default by the review action.

If you don't want to see that, your option is to change from review action to jump to slide so the drag and drop slide will be reset to its original state.

Edit: I almost forgot, the slide properties for 3.57 is set to automatic on your story so make sure to change that too. :)

I hope this helps. :)