Issue with Flipping Graphics with States Applied

Apr 24, 2013

I am having an issue with states appearing correctly if an image has been flipped horizontally/vertically. 

The attached project has three slides. 

Slide 1

This has two characters/pictures, both of which have numerous states applied to them. If you:

  1. click on either character
  2. click on the 'States' tab to reveal all the different states
  3. select 'Flip Horizontal'  - you will see that not all of the states/graphics successfully flip. (Flip Vertical has similar issues, but the 'rotate' options work fine.)

Slide 2

This has the same two characters, in their original unflipped format, with triggers applied to change their states. Both work as expected.

Slide 3

Same as above, but with the characters now flipped horizontally. Triggers applied to jump to the same state as slide 2 - one that appears to have flipped correctly. But the two characters are not appearing in the correct places. It would appear that the "flips" have changed the starting position of the image so that its start is now its end position. (In the case of the standing character, this now appears off screen.) 

Some help to resolve this would be much appreciated, as it is currently looking as if I will now have to redo entire character sets in both left and right positions. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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Shailesh Mewada

Hi James,

Strange behavior of the states while flipping around.
Not sure whether it is issue or this how Storyline handle this.

When I flip the image object, only first state gets flipped and rest all remain as is. Generally complete object should get flipped with all the states.

Not sure what level of interaction you are going to build, but in this case the layer approach will also help.
Of course, the state approach will be clearer then layer.


Phil Mayor

Hi James

I would use states for this.  I think it is related to the way you inserted the images, I tried to change open palm 2 on the original slide by right click the image in the state and it was greyed out.

I presume that you created a new state and did right click switch image, this is confusing SL a bit because I think it is expecting each state to have the same dimensions.  Quick fix (not easy fix though) is to cut and paste the image within the state and then apply the flip

Unfortunately you need to do this for each troublesome state not apply the flip to the object as a whole

James McLuckie

Hi both - thanks for the replies.

Phil - Yeah, I created the states using the Format > Change Picture option to amend them. All of the graphics were originally set to the same height, although the widths were different depending on the motion the character was making. In some cases I had to use the 'Reset Picture and Size to get it to return to a height of 650. 

And herein lies the rub ... IF the images are exactly the same height AND width, flipping images and changing states works perfectly. See the attached example. In each case, I saved the images in a canvas that is the same height and width. You can see that the flipped images still change states perfectly. Means that I am going to have to go back and redo my entire character banks, but at least I have a fix now. 

One thing to stress, this is only an issue if you are setting up triggers to change the state of graphics. If you just want to flip a graphic over, first set it's initial state to the one you want and THEN flip it. You shouldn't have any issues. (Sadly I have lots of instances in quizzes and scenarios where the characters react to scores and situations!)

James McLuckie

Forget what I said earlier about this only being an issue when you want to set up a trigger to change a state. I have just flipped a character that I had set up as an initial state as something other than "normal" ... and now I can't even click on it to select it.

Oh, well. At least I can work around it. 

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