Issue with Hotspots, Triggers and State on One Slide

Dec 22, 2016

I have a menu slide with a few different topics. The users must go in order from left to right. I want the other topics pictures to be hidden until it is time to click on it. I programmed the other topic pictures to be hidden until the state of the previous topic picture is visited. It works for the first topic but the second one does not change to its visited state even thought the trigger is on the hotspot to change the picture to visited after the user click on the topic. Since this doesn't change to its proper visited state, the next topic is not triggered to appear. When I preview the individual menu slide, the states change just fine but when I preview the entire project and go to the other topics I can't get past the second topic. 

Can someone please take a look at the attached project. The menu slide is 1.6 Menu and I cannot get past the Driver section (slides 1.2-1.4).



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Ali Goulet

Hey Joanna!

Thanks so much for reaching out here. I took a look at your file and it appears to have to do with the trigger order for each hotspot on your menu slide 1.6. I rearranged your triggers for each so that the "jump to" trigger comes after the "change state" triggers and it appears to function as intended now. I've attached the edited file here for you. Let me know if that solved it! :)

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