issue with icon being stuck in a loop and jumpin screens

Hi There,

I am looking for some help with a project I am working on, I have 5 icons on a screen each of which when clicked show a layer with a swivel animation for the icon which jumps to a new slide where the info for the icon is contained. now once the customer has viewed the info they can advance which will take them back to the original screen which should now show all the icons with the one they clicked now in a selected state which it does but it also appears to be initiating the layer with the swivel animation again which jumps back to info slide when completes in a sort of loop.

Can anyone recommend how I can complete this action while keeping my animation as I think it's a nice touch and my selected state when the customer returns to the page? I have the original base layer set to resume saved state so that it remains selected when customer returns from info page but I believe this may be why it is initiating the swivel animation as it will be in a saved state of clicked.

any assistance is greatly appreciated.




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