Issue with knowledge check slide - users cannot advance further

Hi all,

I have a knowledge check slide in a course that I attached here. In previous iterations of this slide, users reported that the cannot advance beyond that slide. When I inspected the slide I realized that there could be an incident where the user will select a radio button before the timeline ends and will click submit when the prompt appears. If the did that before the timeline ended, the Next button will remain greyed and they will be locked.

I then created a variable "ReadyToContinue" which becomes True when timeline ends. It basically prevents the user to click the "Continue" button until the timeline finishes.

My testing showed that this fixed the issue, but we now have a few users the reported that the same behavior remains - the slide gets stuck with a greyed Next button..

Any idea why this is happening?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eitan,

Thanks for the clarification and sharing an updated file.

I never got unexpectedly stuck on your slide, but if I didn't know that I had to wait for the timeline to end - maybe I would feel stuck. Not sure if that's what your users may have been experiencing or if you were able to replicate.

It did seem confusing to be stuck with the feedback window on top of the slide until the timeline ended.

Curious as to why you did not utilize a built-in question for this activity? I duplicated this slide in a new scene and converted it to a freeform pick-one.

It looks like you had a few requirements:

  1. Complete timeline on base layer
  2. Answer question
  3. Feedback layer with completed timeline

Check out scene 2 in the attached file and see if this works well for you.