Issue with slides/layers after publishing

Apr 24, 2018

I keep running into issues with my project after publishing that I don't see in the preview.

For instance, in the attached slide, one layer has a slider "Favorites Tab".  When the user drags the slider, it shows another layer "Delete Favorite".  To get to the next layer, the user must click the hotspot on "Delete Favorite" to get to "24-CRO-400X".  That all works well and good in the preview.

In the published version, once the user drags the slider, "Delete Favorite" only appears for a split second and then it lands on "24-CRO-400X" without clicking on the required hotspot.

This is just one of the many issues I keep having.  Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to avoid it?  Thanks in advance.  Let me know if you need more info.

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