Issue with layer not appearing after variables change

Happy Friday afternoon heroes!

I've come up against another issue with one of my courses. Storyline file is attached - on the scenarios slide with the characters, I have added a layer that should appear once the 6 characters have been clicked on, and the 6 variables (one for each character) have been changed from false to true. Once these variables have changed, the 'Back to menu' layer should appear, however this is not happening.

Can anyone help explain what I'm doing wrong?

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Ant Pugh

Thanks very much, it works fine, but I don't understand how? You have added the button to the layers rather than the base layer, so why does it show on the base layer?

I also don't understand why the trigger doesn't fire when it's set to 'when the timelines starts on the condition that all of the variables have changed' ?

Would be very grateful if you could explain!

Thanks again!

Michael Hinze

I didn't add any buttons to layers, I only added a TRIGGER to the buttons that were already there.

In your file, when the baselayer's timeline starts (the instant the slide is first shown), none of the layers have been clicked and with that none of the variables are set and that's why your trigger never executed. Also, since this trigger was set to 'When timeline starts', it was only queried once and then never again. With my suggestion, the variables are checked every time a layer is closed (by clicking the 'back to choices' buttons) and if all are true the final layer is displayed.

Hope that makes sense.