Issue with layers and custom next button

Apr 04, 2017

I have a slide with multiple layers and audio. I set up a slide master to have the next button show when the timeline completes. My issue comes on the second slide. The next button shows button then dissapears when the student overs over the letters in REVIEW to hear and learn when each letter means. 

It there a when to have the next  button come back or not dissapear when the letters in REVIEW are being hovered over?

I cannot get the form to submit with my Storyline file attached
I hope this link works

Please help

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Melissa! Thanks for sharing your file with me, that was really helpful. 

Since your next button is on a Slide Master layer, that layer is being hidden as soon as the layers on the "Review" slide are opened. 

To fix it, I removed the Hide other slide layers setting from all of the layers on the "Review" slide. Then, I added a rectangle behind the text on each of those layers to make it appear as if the layers are being hidden.

Take a look at the changes I made to your file here, and let me know if that'll work for you!

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