Issue with LMS reporting


I seem to be having trouble with a course I'm working on to show a "Failed" result in Scorm Cloud.

The course consists of a custom exam with variables that eventually tell the course if it was approved or not. We couldn't use storyline's result slide because the reporting was per group of questions, not individual questions: there are 22 processes (or "question packs"), each consisting of 3 questions (there's more, because there's another thing, as far as the user is concerned, they have to do only 3 questions); user needs at least 16 correct processes to approve, and to get a process to be correct, all 3 questions need to be correct; if one of them is incorrect, the process will be shown as incorrect even if the other 2 questions are ok.

Now, the result slide we have works, as in, it shows the correct number of processes (stars) obtained and the appropriate approved/disaproved messages. We put the custom "complete course" trigger in each layer (the disapproved message is set to "complete course as incomplete/failed" when timeline starts on that layer, and "complete course as complete/passed" for the approved message).

The course is published in Scorm 1.2 with Pass/Failed tracking. The Passed result seems to work fine (it showed as "Complete" and "Passed" in scorm cloud), but failing the exam shows as "Incomplete" and "Unknown" even though it is set to fail.

I have no idea what to change or what can I do to make it report the failed result.

I attached the file (sorry for the size of it, it's a LOT of questions). It was a headache to set up but we thought it worked fine... NOT.

Any help?

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