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If you click the Reporting and Tracking button, then click the Tracking tab, you can track using number of slides viewed. Set the number to 1, then it will count as complete as soon as they open the course. If you set the number to the maximum number of slides, they have to view all the slides, but the LMS should mark it as complete when they do that, regardless of their scores. Hope that helps!  :) 

Russell Engoran

Not sure this is what is happening in your case, but what spec are you publishing to?
I am guessing "scorm 1.2".

Scorm 2004 introduced the ability to report both completion (i.e. complete/incomplete) and mastery (i.e. pass/fail) at the same time.
You can, for example, "complete" a course but still "fail". Both can be written to your LMS.

For "scorm 1.2", it's just one status for the course. So "complete equals passed" and vice versa.

I hope that helps.
If not, I may have missed the point of the question.

Jennifer Dixey

Not sure what your LMS environment is, but Moodle can only use SCORM 1.2, so the SCORM 2004 solution wouldn't be appropriate there. We have solved this with a javascript which we place on the final slide of all SCORMs developed in Storyline:

/* get LMS API */
var lmsAPI = parent;
/* set status to completed */

We've found this works reliably, even if the SCORM is launched in a new window. We place it at the start of the final slide, and again about 10 seconds in or at the end of any media track that plays on the slide (just for good measure.)

Hope this helps you, it's definitely removed some headaches for us.