Issue with More Fill Colors and Eyedropper

I'm having an issue with  More Fill Colors and eyedropper tool in the Shape Fill tool. When I click the drop down and select  More Fill Colors the Colors popup is not retaining what color the shape is and the gradient option is in grey scale.  I try to use the eyedropper from here and it only chooses the color black. I was able to find a workaround in the Format Shape popup but it's inconvenient that this isn't working for me. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Sorry for the trouble, Amy!

I'm curious, are you are using more than one monitor? We are seeing an issue with the color picker/eyedropper when more than one monitor is in use.

Have you tried using this instead? If so, does it work for you?  Format Tab > Shape Fill > Eyedropper

Let me know if that matches what you are seeing, and I'll be sure to add this conversation to the report. 

Amy Huneycutt

Yes, I am using two monitors with my laptop on a docking station. The Format tab -> Shape Fill -> Eyedropper worked as a work around.  I took my laptop off the docking station and the eyedropper feature worked like normal. 

Thanks for the help! I'll use the workaround when my laptop is docked.