Issue with movies playing on iPad

Jun 25, 2014

Hello, I have read several forums on this subject and have tried multiple things but still have not had any success on getting my videos to play in my projects on an iPad.

The distribution of the course would be going out to a population that can not install the mobile player so courses would be viewed using Safari and the HTML5 output. I understand that there is no support in HTML5 to make the videos auto play so we have changed the Play Video trigger to "when clicked" and we also added "Show Video Controls". Now, where we use to just have a black box in place of the video we are getting a snapshot of the first frame of the video with a play button and a slash through the button signifying that it's not playable. We have also tried changing video formats importing the video as wmv and mov with still the same results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Andrew Sellon

Hi!  I am not a video guru, but have you tried Mp4 format?  I tried a sample quickly with an Mp4 clip on a slide, and it does at least play from a slide when viewed using Safari on my iPhone--although I noticed that the video clip opened on top of the slide, and the audio on the slide kept running behind it.  But at least it did play that way, without the mobile player app.

I'm hoping one of the video gurus here will chime in with more guidance for you, but mobile playback is definitely the big challenge these days.

Carol Hudnell

I am having a similar issue.  I published to an LMS format and my mp4s are linked to a video on a web server but a large portion of my users cannot view the video on their iPads either by Safari or Chrome.  The learners using a PC can view the video with no issues.  Any suggestions on how to get this to work for my iPad users?  Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

There are a few other reasons here on why the video won't play - and I don't know if you're able to test it on the laptop to see if they play there which would also help narrow down the issues. There are also a few known reasons here why video may not play in the ipad HTML5 version. 

Also, we're happy to take a look if you'd like to share a version of the course here with the video (even just that one slide). You can attach it using the paperclip icon. 


You may want to check into a few of those as well - but you also mentioned the videos are linked? Have you inserted them as web objects instead of inserting the video files themselves? We'd be happy to take a look at that as well and do some additional testing. 

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