Issue with moving slider thumb


I am currently working on a project in Storyline 2 which involves using a slider. For some odd reason every time I land on the number zero of the slider, it's hard to re-position my mouse to move the slider thumb. The slider thumb seems to work fine when it lands on other components of the slider. Not sure if this could be the issue, but I replaced the slider thumb with a picture/image. Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this issue?

File is attached. Thanks in advance.


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Bangus Khan

Really? I still think it's a little bit off. When the slider thumb is on 0, and I hover my mouse to the center of the slider thumb image, it is harder to adjust my mouse to move the slider thumb, in comparison to the other numbers/shapes.

Also, thanks for pointing out the steps situation. Do you know a better way to make it so that every time I move the slider thumb, it only takes one step to move to the next number/shape, so that I could avoid landing on areas where nothing happens? The reason for the number of steps in the slider, is so that the slider thumb would fall on the shapes in between the numbers. But if you have any suggestions of how to program it, I would greatly appreciate your help! And by the way, thanks for your prompt reply!