Issue with Publishing


I published the project with a google form included and videos:

The videos and form worked fine.

Now I went back in there to make a few corrections and add a resource. Now the videos don't play and neither does the web object/google form.

After the first time I decided to upgrade to the newest Storyline. That still didn't help the situation. Any ideas of what I can do?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Libby,

When viewing this link that you shared - I'm able to see the video on about the 3rd slide and it plays correctly. I'm unclear on if you republished your course and overwrote the other version or how you've gone about making the changes. Could you offer up a bit more information on what steps you took and what you'd like to see happen.

Michael Gaffney

After I published the first time I went back into Storyline to the same project and and made a few corrections and added a resource. I then published again with the same name. I uploaded all the published files to dropbox and once the files were loaded successfully I viewed the the link. The videos did not play and the google form on slide 13 was left blank.

After waiting an hour (after lunch) I have now opened the link again

Now I am able to see the videos and the google form on slide 13. Should I conclude that I need to wait an hour after uploading to dropbox before testing the link?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Libby,

It sounds like that Dropbox had shown you a cached or not finalized version of the course. I know that Dropbox can sometimes have syncing issues - so I would say waiting a bit (an hour seems to be a good amount, but maybe even 20 mins) and then trying the link again is a good method. You could also always clear out your browser history and cache to start fresh from the browser.