Issue with quiz

The timer is getting stopped as soon as i click on any drop-down menu.

The timer has been created from a post in this forum.

Please go through my story file (which i have attached).

Can't find a solution for the timer not working if i click on any drop-down menu.

Each drop-down menu is in seperate layer (Q1 to Q8.)

The timer is in Slide Master View.

I'll be grateful if anyone can find a solution for this.

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Abhishek Roy

which one i should set not to hide ?

i had already experimented with deselecting " Hide other slide layers" on every Drop-Down layer (Q1 to Q8).Though the timer keeps running, it breaks the interactivity of the drop-down layers.The user can't properly select menus / buttons on drop-down layers.

Can u please take a look in my project and suggest me a workaround?

Phil Mayor

all of your drop downs should not hide other layers as they will stop the timer.

You will need to set triggers to hide the specific layers and ensure the functionality stays the same.

You need to think through how to open the drop downs but ensure you do not hide any layers, which means thinking through the triggers.