Issue with quiz slides

I have two quiz slides that are behaving oddly. If I work through the module sequentially, in a linear fashion, they work fine. But if I skip the questions and try to jump back to them 1) the answer choices won't allow me to select them and 2) the player default prev and next buttons show up, even though I have them turned off. Any help is appreciated!

Here is a video showing the issue: Troubleshooting Storyline


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David Tait

Hi Stephen,

If you want to be able to retry the questions when you revisit the slide you'll need to change the slide properties to reset to initial state when you revisit the slide. Some info here:  

The player buttons showing up when you revisit the quiz is actually deliberate. There's some info about it here and some work arounds to get rid of the buttons.

David Tait

The issue is that the results are being submitted when you land on slide 1.15 (see your top trigger). Once the results have been submitted you are unable to answer any unanswered questions.

It's down to you how you want to handle this from a flow point-of-view but that should hopefully give you a steer in the right direction.