issue with quiz when reviewing

Sep 18, 2013

Hi !

I have a big problem. I created quiz with 12 questions and questions draw randomly. In each question I have only Submit button which jump to next question when clicked. In each question I have the text box with counter, so if SL draws first question, in text box I have 1/12. For counting I created the number variable which is added when slide with question starts. It works perfectly but… The issue appears when I want to review this quiz. When I’m reviewing the quiz and I’m clicking only next button (when I’m reviewing the next and previous button are visible) it works perfectly as well. But the issue appears when user clicks previous button. Then the trigger with adding 1 to variable with counting executes and the counting not work good. As you now, I can’t add the trigger to slide with question because I don’t have these button in slide (these buttons is only visible when I’m reviewing). I hope you really understand my issue.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope you’re able to help me.

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ginny asher


I have a quiz that appears througout my project (interspersssed with content slides). When I get to the reivew buttoin at the end of the quiz it takes me to the first question but the player intercation 'next' button does not work. THe review slides all work and content is correct but i cannot navigate to these (unless manually clicking the menu) by clicking on the next button ( previous button works fine)

I have copied and pasted all these question slides into another project with no contenet and using the same default storytline player and the navigation buttons work fine.

My course has all slide interaction buttons disabled as I want the users to click my inbuilt continue buttons.( but the new project with just question slides have the slide interaction diabled too, with no issues)

please please can someone help- this problem is driving me crazy!


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