Issue with Quizzing and Mobile use

We just recently launched our LearnCenter and are now getting reports with mobile issues when taking our quizzes in Storyline 2.  The reports are that "fill in the blank" questions are marked as incorrect even if they are typed in correctly (reporting both iPhone, iPad, and Android).  Users have been sending me screenshots of the review screen, that shows that they actually typed the answer correctly, but were marked as incorrect.  I don't have anything set as case sensitive, and it looks like it mainly has to do with autofill, autocorrect, predictive text as they get the answer correctly when they override their phones and manually type out the answer.  Is there a way to make the quiz compatible with autofill?  Is this a common/known issue?

Any insight is very appreciated. 



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sarah -- Thanks for reaching out! First, may I ask if you have also tested the course in the SCORM Cloud (which is the industry standard for LMS testing) to see if you are finding the same behavior? You may also find this information on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud to be helpful, as well. 

Sarah  Newsom

Thanks Christie, I made an account, and tested the course, but it tests the same way as we do on our desktops.  Prior to launch we tested the course on the LMS via laptops, phones, and iPad and haven't been able to duplicate. Head scratcher for sure.

Potentially user error. 

Thanks for the help!