issue with recurring lightbox appearance

May 25, 2018

Dear community,


I have an issue with a recurring lightbox pop-up that goes as follows:


I have designed a non-linear course which allows users to freely pick which thematic chapters they go through and in what order. This means that the first page of the course also functions as the main landing page, the point to which users can return to pick another chapter.


When the course is started for the first time, I have set up some triggers to allow for a series of lightboxes containing instructions about how to navigate through the course to appear. I would like for this to happen only the first time a user sees the main landing page however, and not when he/she returns to it subsequently. I have tried to achieve this by setting up a variable change which is triggered on the main and the lightbox slides, but to no avail. This is what I tried:


Variable INTRO is at the output set on FALSE.


On the main page I have set up these triggers (capture 1):


Lightbox Introduction when the timeline reaches 4 sec if INTRO is equal to FALSE


Set INTO equal to true when the timeline reaches 5 sec


On the first lightbox slide I have set up the following trigger (just to be sure):


Set INTRO equal to TRUE when the timeline starts


All triggers are at the top of the box, prioritized. None of these set-ups seem to have the desired effect, as the lightboxes keep on appearing even after the first view of the main landing page. The setting for this page regarding revisiting are set to 'Resume saved state'.


Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong here?


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Walt Hamilton

Two thoughts:

Variable INTRO is at the output set on FALSE.

How is this done? By default, or by trigger at the beginning of each scene? If by trigger, that is the problem; every time you come back to that slide, that trigger resets it.

The other is that each light box needs its own unique variable: INTRO1, INTRO2, etc. Variable values persist over slides, so if you get it to work for one scene, it will not light box for any scene.

Put %INTRO% inside a text box and scatter copies around. It will help you see what the true value of INTRO is at various points in the program. That way, you will know who is changing it and when, if at all.

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