Issue with reporting and completion

I recently completed a course that is designed to be complete/incomplete - as long as you get through the course, you've finished it, no failing. 

That said, there are several questions I'd like to track in course - some survey ones, some multiple choice.  The problem I'm having is how to set up the reporting/tracking in publishing so my LMS marks the course as complete, but still lets me view the answers our users give to these questions.  I've tried two options. 

Option 1: I tried to track by number of slides completed - this completed the course correctly when a user did it in the LMS.  However, none of the answers the user gave showed up on any reports. 

Option 2: I then switched it so that reporting was done by a result slide.  This allowed reporting, but the users showed an incomplete status in the LMS when done, despite going through every slide.  

I feel like this is something small I'm overlooking, but can't put my finger on it.  Any ideas?


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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Don!

Storyline will only report and track on one of those items, either completion or quiz score. 

We've seen some examples of how to track multiple SCOs in the same course - and a few are linked here. They are not something I can offer support for, though. 

If you'd like to see more tracking options in Storyline, I'd love to hear a bit more detail! Feel free to share here or in a Feature request here!

Adriel Lage

Good morning,

Alyssa you helped me put together a survey recently as a result of this thread:

I'm now needing to publish it and I'm realizing that I am not 100% confident on how to publish it to ensure that I can report on all of the responses. I need to be able to report on each response. The survey is branched, so some (most) users will only see about 5 slides. Here are my thoughts:

  1. I don't want to track based on # of slides viewed because if someone takes the "long" path but exits before they finish the survey, it will show them as complete when they aren't.
  2. Right now the option to track using the quiz result or complete course trigger are not available to me because I don't have a results slide built in (yet) and I don't have a complete course trigger on the final slide. I'm trying to determine which of these would be best.
  3. Basically I want to ensure that whoever finishes the survey by clicking on the "exit" button (or a similar type of button on a results slide if necessary) is marked as complete and I can report on their responses to all questions.

I just need help with exactly how to publish this. I haven't used surveys much, and I've been going through eLearn Heroes and reading tons of threads on survey results, reporting, completion status, etc., and I'm having a hard time piecing together exactly how to set this one up.

Thank you!

(Storyline file attached)

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Adriel!

Adding a result slide would be your best bet. The result slide will send the survey data to your LMS so you can track how the learners answered each question.

Here's a quick summary of the changes I made in the attached file:

  • I added Slide 2.1 Result Slide. Learners won't actually visit this slide, but it's there to send quiz data to your LMS.
  • On Slide 1.16, I added a trigger to submit the survey results when the timeline starts. All learners should visit this Exit slide, no matter if they complete all or part of the survey.

Give this new file a test, and let me know if that will work for you!