Issue with Resources in Storyline?

Is there an issue with Resources in Storyline? I've attached 3 PDF files to a storyline lesson. When I compile the lesson and view it on my computer, I click a resources, the computer looks like it's doing something with a window (kind of a quick flash), and then it opens the PDF in a new window.

If I upload the lesson to my LMS, I select a resource, it opens the resource in a new window, and closes the lesson, so I can't go back to it. I have to relaunch the lesson to get back into it.


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Brian Batt

Hi Jim,

Do you have your course open in a new window in your LMS or is it opening in a frame in your LMS?  My guess is that your LMS is framing the content & is preventing the resource from opening in a new window.  Thus, it opens in the same window as your content.

Try setting your LMS to open the content in a new window & see if that resolves the issue.