Issue with Reviewi Quiz Navigation


I have created a question pool of 15 questions which only 3 are drawn at random. 

A results slide follows for review, I have checked the tick box in the result slide options to allow users to review their answer choices.Upon clicking in the review button it takes the user to the first slide, showing the users selection plus the correct response. 

However when the user clicks the previous button it takes them back to the results slide. If they can continue to click the previous button they can review the other drawn quiz questions. 

My issue is, how do I get the results slide not to be shown upon clicking the previous button in the review? 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Scott and welcome to Heroes! 

You could remove the Previous button from the  slides if you don't want them to ever go back - or if you'd prefer that they can go back only while taking the quiz, but not during a review have you looked at using true/false variables to allow them to use/or not use the previous button? 

Scott Readett

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for the reply. I found that I was making the mistake that the review was starting at the first quiz slide, so clicking the prev button would take you the results slide. I have since removed the prev button and seems to have worked. 

Thanks for the idea around using true/false variables, that was going to be my next solution.