Issue with Rewatching a Video

Feb 20, 2014

Hi Everyone

Is anyone else finding that when a video finishes playing, although the play button on default video control is active, pressing this does not replay the video. Instead the user must click at the start of the seek bar to get it start playing again? 

I have tried a few combinations of starting the video automatically or when clicked, and the same issue persists. 

Any ideas how to get around this?

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James McLuckie

I have attached a file that shows the issue that I am referring to. Watch to the end of the video and selecting the play button again does not work.. I have tried a few different videos and the same thing happens on each of them. 

Not having the player and clicking on the video again to restart it works fine. However, I need to have the controls on there because some of the videos are a couple of minutes long, so the users need to be able to rewind back.

I should also say that it works fine on the slide - it's when you preview or publish it that the behaviour is erratic. (I have tired viewing it on both Chrome and IE10.)

James McLuckie

Actually, Jill, have expanded your solution somewhat. Have the hot spot over the top means that the pause button is no longer functional. 

So instead I have put the following onto the slide:

  • Transparent shape over the play button with an initial state of hidden.
  • Media completes and shape changes to normal
  • Shape has two triggers applied: play media and hide shape 
  • This way, the trigger cycle loops round and round, with the shape appears when it is needed to play the video, but leaves the pause button accessible when it is needed. 

Good teamwork there, methinks.  

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