Issue with scaling player in browser/ gray box

I'm running into an issue where the scaling of the player in the web browser is occasionally generating a "gray bar" sub-menu along the left side of the browser. I say occasionally because I use the same player settings (unless I'm missing something) for every course I publish, yet it only shows sometimes. 

Can someone help me with what I'm missing?

With "gray bar" sub-menu on left side

(Above) With "gray bar" sub-menu on left side


As desired, completely filling screen

(Above) As desired, with player completely filling screen


 Settings used in both instances, with differing results

(Above) Settings used in both instances, with differing results. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nathan!

Articulate Storyline lets you control several aspects of the browser and player for your published course, including:
*  The size of the browser window
*  Whether the course stays locked at the same size or lets learners scale it by adjusting the size of their browser windows
*  Whether the course launches in a separate window and, if so, the properties of that window
See this tutorial for details.
Lock player at optimal size should alleviate the issue you are seeing.
Leslie McKerchie

Glad to be able to assist Nathan. We use SCORM Cloud a lot for testing to help us identify if the issue lies within the course or the LMS :) Here is some information if you'd like to give it a read and we have a thread just for CSOD users in case you haven't seen it. A great way to connect with some others if needed.