Issue with score percent variable in result slide

I have create storyline file with assessment & use question bank, Result slide with retry option.
When I get passing score & exit course LMS reports that I have passed with 100% & course is marked as passed.
The problem is when I re-launch the course & click resume
I am back with result screen but that time my score is shown 0 % & show me retry option.

How we get my score at re-launch time?


Akash Jambhorkar

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Emily Ruby

Hello Akash!

Please make sure you are using the latest update for Storyline. We are currently on Update 6.

Have you tested this only on your LMS? You may want to test in the SCORM Cloud, which is the industry standard for testing and can verify if it just your LMS causing the issue.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot your LMS for tracking and reporting issues.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Helen Davis

Please have a look at the following syntax.

I am not suppose to give 100% sure about this. Please try it out

Three questions I attached here. The text variable is named as percent here.

On the Results slide there are 4 triggers

One adjusts the percent variable to 100 if the Results.ScorePercent=100

One adjusts the percent variable to 67 if the Results.ScorePercent=66.66

One adjusts the percent variable to 33 if the Results.ScorePercent=33.33

One adjusts the percent variable to 0 if the Results.Score.Percent=0