Issue with SCORM course completion using "combine points from each quiz"

Hi team,

I need help...

My course is composed of 5 chapters. At the end of each one, I have a quiz to test on what users have learned.

I'm using a LMS platform to track the score of my course. Users must get at least 80% right answers to pass the training course.

To calculate it, I use a "Graded Result Slide" using "Selected results slides" coming from my 5 quiz and select the option "Combine points from each quiz" with a passing score = 80%.

Now, I'm performing some test using a SCORM test track sandbox, but after doing the course (including the quiz), the result of the completion is "incomplete" and success is "unknown" !!

However, the score is well calculated!

(I have attached a screen capture)

Any idea!

Thank you.

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