Issue with SL 360- Lines and arrows are not appearing.

Jun 21, 2018

Hello everyone,
I work with an e-learning company. We have been using Storyline 2 to make our courses, for a long time now. Recently, we start using SL - 360. We are facing an issue while upgrading SL 2 courses to SL 360. When the file is upgraded, most of the lines and arrows vanish. They are shown as a part of the screen but are not visible when either previewing or after publishing. 
I have attached the snapshot of a screen. As you can clearly see, the axes of graph are missing.

Please suggest the possible solutions for this. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pia,

I don't see that Nidhi shared a copy of the file here in ELH, so I'm not sure what ended up happening on that course. I'm happy to take a look at your file if you could share here! 

Also, I do know there was an issue in Storyline 360 recently where arrows on a slide would cause the slide to no longer appear in preview/publish - but that's fixed in the latest update!

If you're not able to share your file, can you share any more detail about how it's set up or the process you're going through to upgrade and test? That way I can try replicating under the same conditions. 

Susan Stewart

Thanks for getting back to me.  Yes, latest build.  I can see the lines in preview and when publishing, but not when I play the slide using the timeline...which is kind of important.  ;)

I pulled out one slide that demonstrates this.  In this slide (in a new file) it shows ONE of the lines, but not all of them.  Curious!



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