Issue with States on Menu Items

I'm attempting a custom menu slide with 6 chapters in SL360.

I have set a Disabled, Highlighted, and Visited state on each menu image. Clicking each menu image needs to change the clicked image to a visited state, change the state of the next image to highlighted, and go to the selected chapter.

Preview of my triggers

This works great, if the user never revisits a chapter.

But if, for example, the users takes the course in the following order [Ch.1 > Ch.2 > Ch.1], the main menu gets messed up.

Now, when looking at the menu, both chapters 3 and 2 are highlighted. Ideally, only ch. 3 would be highlighted.

Attached is a simplified version of my course (most content removed to get right to the point.

Here's a preview of the course:

I'd appreciate any insights you can give!

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John Morris

You don't need to assign a trigger to change a state to "visited" if you have created that state using the Built In States.  The object will change automatically when visited.  Thank you Articulate for that little bit of programming.

Once you have your states changing, you can use the combination of the states of the six menu objects to define which are highlighted.

What ever is the next menu object will remain highlighted until the learner clicks it, even if they go back.

I am not sure this is exactly what you were looking for, but I hope that this helps.

Please see the attachment.

Daniel Mitchell

John, this is yet another example of why I chose to love Storyline over Captivate all those years ago....the community. My work has been more managerial for a few years, and I've gotten rusty, but you've saved my sanity! 

This absolutely works, and I'll be incorporating the logic back into my main course.