Issue with Storyline 3 output - JSON file rejected on SharePoint

I've created and published a course on Storyline 3 on my company's laptop.  The way we get a link to our courses is to put the output files on a SharePoint 2013 site and share the link to the HTML5 version of the course.

I am having issues with my latest publication in that I cannot copy over a file called frame.json as this file type is rejected by SharePoint.  If I change the file extension to .txt or skip the copying of this .json file then the course will run, however the fonts are all different and the 'f's are missing!!

Has anyone ever come across similar issues, and found a way to resolve this?

Thanks in advance...

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rebecca!  The frame.json file varies based on your course contents.  If you've made some changes to your course, that could account for the difference in how Sharepoint is viewing the output in your latest version.  

The HTML5 output usually has multiple .json files that are necessary for the course to function correctly - as you saw with the font issue!

Is it possible for you to work with your IT folks or Sharepoint administrator to allow those .json files?

Elizabeth Delgado

We have experienced this issue with SP rejection errors as well, and we publish with html5/Flash option. If we skip over the SP error, so far we have not seen an impact in the courses, however we are in process getting the frame.json file extensions added to our accepted list for SP.

Not sure if we haven't seen an impact because we use the html5/flash back up as publish option?