Issue with Storyline 3 - unable to view offline content on iPads

May 30, 2017

We published a storyline 3 scene - on the web using the tutorial on

Note: We have enabled all the options of

HTML5/Flash output
Use on Articulate mobile player
Available to download offline

We then uploaded the file onto AWS Amazon S3, from which a link was generated

The link when opened on the iPad, launches itself through the updated Articulate mobile player and plays the story - when there is an active internet connection.

Also gives me an option to view the story Offline. When i say "yes" - it downloads the story to be available offline but post that when i click on the thumbnail in the library - it does not play offline.

Also once in the Articulate Mobile player window - I am unable to open the thumbnail even there is an active internet connection.

Request you to please help.. we at any cost need the story to play offline once downloaded on their iPads

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