Issue with Storyline 360 key press trigger with different keyboard types

Hi all, 

Looking for some help /advice. I've created an Articulate 360 story file for a software simulation. I have a number of interactions using text entry, where the user types in a numerical code (eg. 615) into a search field. I've set the keypress trigger (e.g on the '5') to jump to the next slide with the search results displayed. 

We've discovered a very odd issue! I am creating the simulations working on an erognomic mini keyboard, which does not have a numberpad. When I set the number keypress trigger, I press the relevant number on the row of number keys above the alphabetic keys. My colleague has been testing the simulations (in Review360) and has been using the number pad her standard size keyboard to press the number keys, and when she does so, the trigger does not work. She tried again using the row of numerical keys above the alphabetical keys, and it did work. It seems like Articulate recognizes the number keys differently based on whether its placed in the numerical row or the number pad. 

Obviously, this is not ideal from a learner perspective, as people need to be able to press the number on whatever keyboard hardware they are using. 

The avenue to resolve this I'm planning to try is connecting a standard keyboard and recreating the key press triggers on the number pad. I'm not sure if that means that the numerical row numbers will then not work instead. Perhaps creating a trigger using both might work, so I'm open to testing this as well. 

Before I spend a bunch of time trying to test solutions, does anyone have any answers or fixes as a result of encountering this before? 


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