Issue with Storyline 360 quizzes

I have created multiple Storyline 360 quizzes that work perfectly in Storyline. However, when uploaded to my website in an iframe, for some users pressing the "review quiz" button after taking a quiz will result in the quiz questions never loading. It just puts a grey screen with an ellipses as if the page were trying to load, but it never will. Refreshing the webpage a number of times seems to be the only solution. Please see the attached images for the specific screen issues clicking from the results page onto the review quiz button.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and know of a fix?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian,

Thanks for reaching and sharing the description along with the images of what you see in your course.

  • Is this happening anytime you review the quiz or after resuming?
  • Are your questions in a question bank?

We are seeing reports of courses freezing with this scenario, so I wanted to start there.