Issue with SWF file in Storyline 2

Jun 25, 2015

I have created an animated background in Adobe Flash and published it as a swf file.Imported it to Storyline 2 (update 5).While publishing it on web or previewing, there is difference in speed of animation like in movement of the board at top, clouds in background.But the swf is alright.


Storyline Publish



I have attached the swf as well as story file.

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Deanna Brigman

As far as I know you cannot change the frame rate in Storyline.

What is happening is that since your Flash file is set to 15 fps, and Storyline is set to 30 fps; it is causing your animation to play at twice the speed.

In order to get the animation to appear correctly you will have to set the Flash fps to 30, and adjust the animation accordingly. Hopefully you set it up in a way that will make the adjustment easy (which is essentially doubling the amount of frames). If you are using a newer version of Flash and are using the new motion tweens you can just drag them out to the new length and all the keyframes are "scaled" to the new length.

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