Issue with tab order on Storyline 360 from an Imported Powerpoint

Hi there, I was asked to have a week turnaround on an e-learning (insert chuckle), but it was from an imported powerpoint, so I just had to add some movement and audio.  I am finished but now want to check my tab order for screen readers, and noticed that when I select Create custom tab order, the delete key is greyed out and I cannot remove the items I don't want the screen reader to read.  Does anyone know if this is an error/ glitch or is this how it works with shapes imported from powerpoint.  I have included the file plus the image of the tab order box.  The first slide is a perfect example.  Thank you 

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Teresa Vanderpost

Well, give me 10 minutes and I figured it out.  It looks like some of the square boxes and lines were part of the master in the powerpoint, so when I thought about going to master slide view, I had to click on each one individually and turn off the accessibility option.  Other images they had on following slides I was able to delete.  So I believe it had to do with what was on the master slide of the powerpoint.  Sorry to bother...all good I think.