Issue with updatw 4 1311 version with iPad webworks browser


We encountered a publishing issue with 4 1311 version with iPad webworks browser.

The published elearning can be seen only in a portrait view, and very tiny.

Publishing in update 3 solved the problem.

And older published content in update 4 1308 works as well.


1. Just to let others know.

2. Where can I download the preiouse version, to downgrade the computer that uses the update 4 1311...


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Efrat,

We just released Update 5. Are you able to try testing with the new update?

We're happy to announce that Update 5 for Storyline is now available for download:

Download Storyline Update 5

View the release notes for a complete list of changes in this Storyline update.

Let me know if you see any improvement after updating the installation and republishing.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Efrat,

Looks like our support team is working with you on this now. I was able to find the support case you submitted (#00381574 for my reference).

From what I understand, they're waiting to hear back from you regarding a request from our Senior Support Engineers. 

Please let me know if you haven't seen that email - I'd be happy to ask to have it sent to you again. In the meantime, please make sure that emails from are not going to your spam folder(s).