Issue with variable! Can you take a look at the story file?

Apr 06, 2017

Hi, there!

I'm having an issue with a variable.  The custom Previous/Next arrows only appear at the end of each slide. To make the arrows visible from the beginning the second time the user visits the slide, I set variables named "SlideXPlayed". I'm attaching the two slides I'm having issues with. I created a trigger that adds value to the "Slide1Played" when the second slide finishes (this way I ensure that the variable changes when the user has completed Slide 1 and started Slide 2). In slide 1, I set another trigger to show a layer with the Prev/Next buttons only if "Slide1Played" value is greater than or equal to 1. But apparently for some reason this is not working!

Can you help me? I've worked a lot of times with this procedure but cannot figure out what's wrong.



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Susi B

Hi Pamela,

unfortunately I can´t open the file (only SL2 user) but why do you use a number variable? A true/false variable would make it easier I think and maybe would work better.

Try to set the slide visited variable of slide 1 to true when user clicks on next button of slide. Maybe this fixes already your problem. I created a little file for you see attachment. :)



Wendy Farmer

Hi Pam

couple of things I found;

On slide 1.2 the  variable is set to trigger to false instead of true

The layer is showing but the issue is the ovals > and < are set to display on the timeline at 68 secs.  I tested by putting a shape on the layer and changed the above trigger and it's working and the layer displays

Video attached - hope this helps

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